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This Week In Behance

Here’s a look at this week’s 2 most appreciated projects, and 2 most followed creatives…

Solitude – A Work In Progress by Joe Fenton
Somewhat of a modern masterpiece, sketch artist Joe Fenton has been working on this 8×5 foot image since 2010. Full of fairy-tale creatures and character designs, it’s fascinating to check the progress to see this piece fill out, bit by bit, to completion. Pretty epic! [Project Link]

Font Fabric
For all you typography fanatics out there (and we know there are a lot of you), this independent type foundry is operated by Svetoslav Simov, in Bulgaria. From corporate to personal, professional logos to t-shirt designers, the typefaces have been featured all over the place. Definitely recommend this resource for browsing, or for free downloads! Read more →

New Feature Spotlight: Hi-Def Images and Slideshows

ProSite launched with the ability to display Hi-Def images in a lightbox – up until now, Behance has always displayed 600 pixel images, so we’re happy to now offer you the option to showcase your larger images in all their hi-def glory.

This week, we took it a step further and are now offering a SLIDESHOW option. Now, you can click through a project’s hi-def images within the lightbox.

[See this in action here:]

Bonus: If you’re a ProSite user, you’ll be able to extend this hi-def option to your projects on in addition to ProSite.

How do I upload hi-def images?
When you upload work to Behance, we automatically store your full-sized images, so if they’re larger than 600 pixels, you’ll automatically be able to open these images, full-sized, by clicking on them in your project. We’re been storing full-sized imagines since December 2010, so if you have a project older than this, you will have to re-upload your images into your project in order to see them full sized.

New feature: Cover Loading Effects

We’re excited to announce a brand new feature on ProSite: Cover Loading Effects!

ProSite users can now choose to have their project covers fade in with several ways to customize, including fading speed, going project by project, row by row, or all at once, and more.

See fade loading effects in action at

To turn this on in ProSite, click the On button next to Cover Loading Effects under the Project Covers section. You can also Preview the effect before applying it to your projects.

Look for even more cover loading effects to be added in the coming weeks!

Teaser: Upcoming ProSite Features

ProSite launched just a week ago, and already, we’ve been rapidly adding more features as we listen to feedback from early users. To keep you up-to-date on what you can expect from ProSite in the near future, here’s a teaser of features to come:

1) Blog Integration
Many of you have requested the ability to embed your blog (hosted on something like Tumblr, WordPress, etc) into your ProSite account. We agree that this is a great feature and would make for a more robust portfolio site. We’re currently working on adding this, and will update you on a timeline when we have a more solid date.

2) Password Protection to Specific Pages
As it stands now, you can password protect your entire ProSite, but soon, you’ll be able to Password Protect specific pages. So, maybe you have a few projects that you’d only like Clients to be able to view – put these projects in a new gallery on your ProSite, and Password Protect this “Client Gallery” while keeping the rest of your ProSIte open for all to view.

3) Upload Text OR Image in Website Description Box
We got requests for more flexibility in the Website Description box found in the 2-column layout. Soon, you’ll be able to upload EITHER an image or text (rather than just text). Our aim is to allow you endless customization, so we hope you enjoy this feature!

4) Adding full-size images to Projects (larger than 600 pixels)
Soon, you’ll be able to upload full-size images in the project view if you’d like. This will add a whole new element to your projects, where image are currently limited to 600 px (though the full-sized image can be opened in a lightbox).

The 99% Wins a Webby Award

Just before Behance’s flagship event this May 5-6, The 99% Conference, we were thrilled to learn that The 99% website won the Webby Award for Best Cultural Blog, topping fellow nominees Speakeasy, the Blog, Letters of Note, Laughing Squid, and Pop Eater. This year, Behance was also a Webby Finalist in the categories: Social Media and Self Promotional/Portfolio.

This week, we were honored to learn that The 99% was chosen as one of the “Top 6 Sites That Inspire and Educate” by Intel’s “My Life Scoop” page. The 99% was listed among TED, Brain Pickings, PSFK, Kottke, and Information is Beautiful.

ProSite is Launched – Early Press

We’re pleased to announce that ProSite is officially launched! Our new service will allow creative people and teams to create fully customized portfolio websites through a revolutionary drag-and-drop interface. And, you won’t have to touch a line of code. Some top blogs have noticed ProSite and posted reviews since the May 12th launch:

Mashable: Creatives: Build the Perfect Online Portfolio, No Code Required
“ProSite is a simple as drag-and-drop way to create truly stunning online portfolios. Behance CEO Scott Belsky said ProSite is ‘the best thing we’ve ever built.’”

Swiss Miss: ProSite Launched
“Behance has created a tool that will change the world of online portfolios. The ProSite user interface is a work of beauty and is incredibly intuitive. building a portfolio has never been easier”

Fuel Your Creativity: ProSite – Fully Customizable Portfolios From The Minds At Behance

The Next Web: Behance ProSite simplifies online portfolio management

ProSite is here!

We’re pleased to announce that ProSite is officially launched! Our new service will allow creative people and teams to create fully customized portfolio websites through a revolutionary drag-and-drop interface. And, you won’t have to touch a line of code. Visit to get started (and login with your Behance info) and check out the gallery of ProSites that have already been created.

Roundup: Links We Like

Red Dot Awards
Have a design concept you’re really psyched about? The Red Dot Awards wants you to submit your latest and best idea, as a product with good design, to their int’l competition. We’re well acquainted with this competition, and love checking out the mind-blowing concepts that receive awards (including some on Behance). [Enter by July 10]

H&M “Your Art Here” Competition
H&M recently launched a simple design competition with a big prize – the chance for your design to be sold (in t-shirt form) at H&M stores all over the country. There are very little restrictions of what you can enter, so take a few designs and add your design to their entry gallery, then tell your friends and get a few votes. A powerful chance for exposure to the masses! [Visit Competition]

Get Design Feedback with CompVersions
We noticed this brand-new web app that offers a great tool for designers, especially those working with clients. Upload a few images to allow your clients to easily view & choose from multiple revisions at once. Looks like it’ll cut down on miscommunications, and make dealing with your clients a smooth process. [Visit Site]

Levenger + Behance team up with the “Action Circa Notebook”

Levenger CEO Steve Leveen recently posted an article on his blog, “Well-Read Life,” about Behance CEO Scott Belsky’s entrepreneurial work, chronicling the founding of Behance, his book, “Making Ideas Happen,” as well as the line of Creative Outfitter paper products.

Now, Behance and Levenger are teaming up with a powerful new product, the “Action Circa Notebook.” It combines the organization of the Action Method with the flexibility of Levenger’s Circa Products. We’re thrilled to be offering this, starting today, on the Behance Outfitter.

Behance Outfitter – Action Circa Notebook
Levenger – Action Circa Notebook