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Behance 1 of “5 Companies I’d Invest In At a Wild Valuation”

It was a nice surprise to find ourselves on this list put together by Rob Go (a co-founder of NextView ventures, a VC firm focused on internet enabled innovation) where he listed his picks for companies he’d most want to invest in, “even at a crazy valuation.” Behance keeps company here with Yelp, Tripadvisor, DropBox, and Pinterest.

Behance is a New York based company that is emerging as the dominant platform and community for creative professionals.  It’s not really in the public spotlight, but everyone I know in the design/creative industry is well aware of the company and a participant in the network.  I also love Scott Belsky’s vision for how the creative process should evolve (and by extension, how creative professionals can capture more of the value they create in the industries that rely on them).

5 Under-Hyped Companies I’d Invest in at a Wild Valuation [Full Article]

ProSite: New Batch of Features

In our effort to provide you the best tools possible to make your customized online portfolio, we added the following features this week:

Animated gifs in project covers
Want to add some movement to your Gallery? You can now upload animated .gifs as your project cover.

Password protection on specific pages
Though you’ve always been able to password protect your entire ProSite – you
can now protect entire pages. Maybe you have one gallery to show clients exclusively,
or in-progress work to other creatives? Go crazy with it.

Blog integration
Now, you can seamlessly integrate your Tumblr or WordPress blog into your ProSite.
This blog post will explain the ins-and-outs or adding this. Have fun!

Upgrade between monthly and annual
Regardless of what plan you signed up for, you can now change your plan from
monthly to annual, or vice versa.

[An example of Tumblr blog integration on ProSite]

Matias Corea in Bracket Magazine as Design Visionary

“The second issue of Bracket features 16 visionaries who have pursued their hunger to create change in the world.” One of the 16 is Behance’s Chief of Design, Matias Corea, listed along with greats like HelloVon, eboy, sam valenti IV, underware, Seth Godin and John Maeda.

Corea answered questions like “Describe a typical day at Behance” and “What is the best advice you’ve ever been given” in visual form. See a preview below.

Buy a print or digital issue of Vol 2 when you visit Bracket’s Website.

Tumblr Founder’s Favorite Tech Tools: Action Method!

David Karp, the 24 year old founder of uber-popular blogging platform Tumblr, did a series of articles for Inc. recently where he dug into his workstyle and favorite tools. Amongst his favorites was Action Books, from our very own Behance Outfitter. He says:

“As I go through my e-mail, I make a list of things that I need to do that day in my notebook. I have a bad memory, so I’ve become a thorough notetaker. I use Action Method notebooks from Behance. They are really beautiful. The pages have rows or dots instead of lines. I ordered a bunch for our team.”

Also on his list? Pilot Pens, Leica M9 Camera, TeuxDuex, HypeMachine, and Apple TV.

David Karp’s Favorite Tech Tools [Full Article]

Behance Network feature in Photopreneur Magazine

Photoprenuer Magazine published a lengthy feature on The Behance Network, and how photographers in particular can use the platform to help advance their career.

Today’s photographers no longer need to learn darkroom skills or bone up on the different kinds of chemicals they’ll be pouring into trays…but they do need to understand the difference between RAW and jpg image formats. Behance’s platform provides a useful service. Adding your projects to a platform viewed by the creative industry can only help to win jobs and land new commissions.”

Behance’s Community Manager Sarah Rapp weighed in to provided advice and guidance in using the Behance Network. View the full article and these tips below:

Behance Brings Creative Workers Together

Blog Integration is now on ProSite

Seamlessly integrate your WordPress or Tumblr content into your ProSite using the new blog integration tool!

To import your blog, just go to Pages and select “Blog” from the drop down. You’ll be able to name this page whatever you’d like.

Next, choose WordPress or Tumblr.

After the jump, step-by-step instructions on adding your Tumblr or WordPress.

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ProSite – New Features for Your Online Portfolio

We’ve been rapidly adding more features to ProSite to make this platform the best tool possible to make your customized online portfolio. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Cover Loading Effects
We’ve added the following loading effects: Fade, Fly, Wipe, Slide
Detailed info in this blog post: Cover Loading Effects

Upload Text OR Image to Website Description
More customization is available int he Two-Column Layout, as you can choose to upload text or image in the Website Description box.

Web Clips for iPhone/iPad/Android
Make your ProSite into an app with a custom image, accessible from your mobile device
Detailed info in this blog post: Web Clips

Choose Project Placement from Behance
When publishing a new project on Behance, you can skip a step, and choose where the project should go in ProSite, without ever reordering it manually.

Linking Header Image to a Project
Before, you could link your header image to an outside URL, but now, you can choose to link it to any of your projects on ProSite.

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New Feature: Make your ProSite Into An App with Custom Webclips

We just released a new feature on ProSite that allows you to upload a Custom Web Clip.
A Web Clip is the icon that appears on a user’s iPhone, iPad or Android device if they save your website to their device (looks like all your other apps).

Once you set this up, you’ll have an easy, professional way to access your ProSite in one click – not to mention show it to others.  We’ve also stripped away elements of the browser so that your ProSite will feel like an app -  no distractions at all.

After the jump: how to set this up Read more →

Action Method featured in Computer Arts Magazine

Computer Arts recently published a long article on “Getting things done the creative way” in which they featured Action Method Online, as well as interviewed one of our overseas retailers of Action Products, our line of products and tools for creative professionals.

“It’s at the core of our entire business: project management, planning and finance, and general internal communications.The ethos is simple: making ideas happen. No dancing around points, no lengthy email chains, just simple calls to action.”