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Life On The Go: An Infographic

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If you’re reading this on-the-go, look up and around you. Chances are, there are at least several others clutching their smart phones, iPad, e-reader, or other mobile device. Unless you’ve been living in isolation since cell phones got “smart,” it’s obvious that our devices now fill a permanent place in our lives, changing aspects of our routines from how we kill time on our commute to how we spend a Friday night. Especially for the growing up digital set, lives and habits revolve around mobile devices.

A recent New York Times investigation chatted with a teen who sends 27,000 texts a month, and has the blistered fingers to prove it. This is to say, many of us wouldn’t leave our devices behind when we go to a different room, let alone leave the house for the day without it. Given that many of us are on-the-go device addicts, we decided to do a bit of investigation on how we consume content away from our homes.

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Fruits of the Digital Age

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In the digital age, we’re afforded quite a few luxuries. The ability to get our Starbucks order ready before we even set foot inside, autotune our own voices, watch Youtube videos in transit. And these are just things to do because we can. In practical applications, Creative Professionals have more opportunities than ever to craft their art however they’d like. Whether it’s a full on digital manipulation, some choice post-production touches, or just adjusting the light settings on your digital device, the possibilities are wider than ever. To examine a few stellar examples of digital art, here’s a collection of work made highly atmospheric through digital.

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Roundup: Links We Recommend

1) NY Creative Interns
If you’re a creative in the big city looking for work, this newly formed group is here to enable you to find internships, mentors, and inspiration through networking and meetups. Head to their kickoff event on December 9th to mix with other creative students and professionals looking for interns (and win free giveaway). Reps from Buzzfeed, Time Inc, IFC/Sundance, and more will be in attendance, so RSVP here.

This is a brand new site created by Seed for creatives looking to make sense of complex issues through data and design. Aside from having a kickass gallery of Infographics from around the world, the site hosts design competitions (with hefty cash prizes) that you Behancers should jump on. Next up is a a challenge sponsored by TEDMED & GE: use public data to visualize relationship between green space and public health.

3) Fifty People One Question
These impossible to dislike short films explore human connections through people and place. The premise is obvious: “We asked the same question and it took us somewhere new.” The filmmakers visit city streets and get answers from a diverse group of people, asking them questions like “What do you wish would happen by the end of today.” We highly recommend this ongoing social experiment.

Action Journals in GQ’s “Best Stuff Of The Year”

We’re flattered to find Behance’s Action Journals listed in the GQ December issue’s annual feature “Best Stuff of the Year.” We agree that these notebooks, sold in our Creatives Outfitter, make great gifts for the holidays and will get your ass in gear. See a scan of the feature below, or pick up the latest issue for the rest of this superlative round-up.

Sports, Enhanced

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Athletes are a special type of human. As someone who spends more time than I’d like to mention sitting in front of glowing screens each day, professional athletes, for their ability to use their bodies to accomplish what they do, seem nothing short of superheroes. So, we’re especially big fans of these digitally manipulated pieces that depict athletes as being larger than life.

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Team Photo & Gratitude

Out team is grateful to photographer Pascal Bejean for swinging by the office to take some quick shots of us in our element – and on our roof in Soho, New York.

Designs of the Future

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When the Jetsons premiered in 1962, the creators imagined a future world in which Chevvy’s could fly, full meals are created with a click of a button, and a robot was all you needed for a housekeeper. Minus the flying Chevvy’s, most of their gadget predictions were a reality in less than 40 years. So we’re not going to claim that the imaginative ideas below are outlandish or far fetched. On the contrary, these killer concepts might show up for sale before you know it…

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Trying On Some New Shoes

It looked like Christmas morning here at Behance as we claimed our shoes from the folks at Simple. We’re grateful, and you can see, many of us abandoned the shoes we were wearing for our new kicks.

We’re pleased to host Simple’s Identity Design Showdown competition, and the shoes were an unexpected nice touch from them.

Email of the day

We love getting fan mail. (Does anyone not love getting fan mail?)

It means a lot to hear how Behance and The Action Method have impacted creatives and their workflow, and every so often, an email comes along that really makes us smile. We wanted to share with you the Onyx Group’s story.

This small creative agency recently changed direction, and needed to get organized. Someone stumbled upon Making Ideas Happen, and organized a Florida retreat for Onyx inspired by the ideas in Scott Belsky’s book. Everyone arrived having read the book and with prepared notes and ideas. A month after the retreat, they rolled out their new brand and website will a few cool features inspired by the book: Everboard (for brainstorming creatively), Transparent US (blog), Strategic Company Plan, and The Creatables (a backburner item geared to help creatives).

They say, “All of these events happened in about 60 days and we are well on our way to being creative and organized.”

We’re happy to play a small part in the reinvention of this group..

Mashable covers Behance’s “Revolutionary New Model for Crowdsourced Design”

Mashable took note of the new model of competition we’re introducing this month in the Identity Design Showdown and Celebrating Great Logo Design. The approach respects designers’ time and work process by asking them to submit preexisting work (not create something custom-made) that best showcases their talents. Chosen designers will be invited to submit a creative brief for guranteed payment and take on some high-profile clients (Simple Shoes and The Queen Rania Foundation).

Mashable says:
“The Behance approach uses crowdsourcing to help the best content and the best designs rise to the top in a design competition, but without any entries or work being submitted on a speculative basis.”

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