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Live Interview with Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh – this Friday!

At Behance, we’re big fans of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. From his book, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purposes, to his use of social media and commitment to transparency, we respect this thought-leader.

This Friday, we’ll be tuning into HP Input | Output for a live interview with Hsieh. He’ll be talking about “Marketing to the New Customer” and leveraging technology and people for the good of the customer and positioning your brand for success.

He’ll be taking user submitted questions LIVE during the interview, so if you have any questions at all for Tony, go ahead and submit them via Twitter using the hashtag #hpio.

See you this Friday, September 24 @ 2-3PM PST/ 5-6 PM EST
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Behance at National Design Museum

The Behance team extends gratitude to the NY Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum for providing a private tour of their new “Why Design Now?” exhibit. Our team enjoyed touring the museum after closing time with the Curator. Our take-aways included:

(1) We’re very humbled by the brilliance of the sustainable design in the exhibition.
(2) Some of the greatest innovations in design cost nothing and have vastly improved the quality of life in developing countries.
(3) The digital world of design is very UNDER-represented in traditional museums…

Computer Arts features Behance in “Successful Socializing” Article

Leading Creative magazine Computer Arts published a feature on “Successful Socializing.” They invited a handful of creative pros to share their expert tips on how to use leading social networks for self-promotion. Behance was featured, along with the three other platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Six creatives give their thoughts on Behance, highlighting the benefits they’ve seen in their web traffic, sales, and opportunities since publishing their work on Behance.

To read their insights and the CA feature, visit the article here.

Behance on Fast Company’s “The 10 Most Creative Small Businesses”

This year, Fast Company named Behance as #2 in their list of “The 10 Most Creative Small Businesses.” We shared a spot on this list with the likes of Foursquare, Union Square Ventures, Kickstarter, and Boxee. Fast Company said:

Three years ago, Behance was born as a Web-based platform for creatives–a place to show of their work regardless of their resumes, hoping to turn more ideas into reality. Since then, it’s connected advertising and creative agencies discover artists and designers, attracting recruiters from Disney and Apple. Behance’s annual 99% Conference–“genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration”–rallies creatives and entrepreneurs to execute ideas. A few of CEO Scott Belsky’s tips? Keep a notebook, indulge your obsessions, share ideas, and work hard.

Mashable reports on Portfolio Display for LinkedIn

Mashable reported on the Creative Portfolio Display application, the Behance/LinkedIn collaboration launched earlier this summer. The new application allows anyone to sync their Behance and LinkedIn accounts, and display their portfolio on LinkedIn. Mashable says,

“This is a great bridge between the creative and the more professional social networking worlds….What better way to showcase your talents that to hook in your existing portfolio? The fact that visitors don’t have to leave LinkedIn to view your work is an added bonus.”

LinkedIn Portfolio Display Gallery on Mashable

Innovations in Portraiture

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For as long as we’ve had the means, we’ve been studying and recording images of other people. The earliest known “portrait” is 27,000 years old, scrawled inside a cave in France. Yes, the faded black strokes are a far cry from the detailed sculptures, paintings, and photographs to come, but is early evidence of the natural instinct to watch and record those around us.

You’d think that after thousands of years, we’d have exhausted the many techniques and innovations in portraiture. Although there are some techniques we’re more used to seeing than others, Behance creatives continue to step up and demonstrate innovative ways to consider and represent their fellow humans. Check out some of our recent favorites.


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No-limits Typography

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Remember the days of term papers and Times New Roman? If you’re a person who appreciates design, it’s tough to be boxed in with a handful of “authorized” fonts.

The creatives at Behance, though, demonstrate that there’s no reason why typography can’t be an art filled with as much innovation and personality as is found in more abstract creative fields. That typography doesn’t have to exist only on paper, and sometimes isn’t even recognizable as letters at first glance. And, that there really is no material a courageous typographer can’t turn into a font (don’t believe us? Check out mushroom type).

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Behance/LinkedIn Application

This week, Behance launched a collaboration with LinkedIn that will enable Creative Professionals to upload their Behance portfolios directly into their LinkedIn account. The Creative Portfolio Display empowers creative professionals by creating a one-stop solution for maintaining their work portfolio and broadcasting it to millions. This is a tremendous opportunity for creative talent to get found and showcase their work to millions of visitors.

Paper Inspiration

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It’s 2010, and at Behance, we’re the first to advocate using technology to manage both your work and personal life. Yet, we also can’t resist the charms of a fine paper product. Call us old-school, but there is a place for paper in the digital age, and it’s proving to be a material used in increasingly creative ways.

In the office:
It’s easy to get stuck staring at glowing screens for eight or more hours a day. There’s something to be said, though, for a change of medium. If you incorporate some creative paper products into your office life, you’ll jump start your motivation (not to mention give your eyes a rest). Read more →