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The Evolution of Competitions on Behance

Competitions on Behance provide members an opportunity to submit their greatest work – whether it is a past project for a client or a personal project – for review by industry leading judges, talent scouts, and peers.

Whether the competition recognizes brilliant use of color, excellence in photography, or achievement in any other creative field, the competition provides an easy way to get more exposure and opportunity. Thousands of companies use the Behance Network to recruit top talent, and network competitions serve as yet another form of curation for companies to identify top talent.

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Roundup: Links We Recommend

1) Project: Interaction - We Teach Design!

Project: Interaction is a 10 week after school program that teaches New York City high schoolers to use design to change their communities. Behind the project are two young designers, Katie Koch and Carmen Dukes, both MFA students at the School of Visual Arts. They’ll use NYC, the students’ hometown, as a catalyst for creative thought, and will challenge the students to problem solve using design methods. These high-schoolers will thus be introduced to Interactive Design, a career opportunity they might not otherwise have learned about. Their Kickstarter page ends October 13 so PLEDGE NOW



2) Weeels - Social Transit

Weeels is a brand new app for city cab-sharing. Aside from the obvious money-sharing benefit, using this service saves energy and space. Here’s how it works: download Weeels for your iphone, blackberry or droid, then open up the app and enter where you are, and where you want to go. You’ll be picked up, along with other going to the same place. This is the world’s first social transit app, and is helping give city-dwellers increased control over how they get around, how much they spend, and how they use energy.


Thirst Relief3) Thirst Relief International - Changing lives through safe, clean drinking water

Photographer, entrepreneur, and humanitarian Jim Davis-Hicks is about to hit the road for a year, living in an RV on a tour called “The Thirst for More Tour.” Jim is the volunteer founder and president of Third Relief International, an organization whose mission is to provide clean drinking water around the world, and overcome the deaths that are caused by contaminated water. He funds this great organization through his freelance photography. By donating just $5, you can give clean water to someone for 30-35 years.

Matias on Design

How did you first learn about design? Was it a person who shared it with you, or another moment of inspiration?

Project: Interaction asked this question to eight esteemed designers, who all video blogged their 60 second responses in this post. Our very own Matias Corea, Behance’s co-founder and Chief of Design, sounded off on his design roots.

Have a look at the other videos, including Ian Curry (Local Projects), Jessi Arringonton (WORKSHOP), Carl Collins (Temboo), and others.

How do you pronounce “Behance?”

Sometimes we get asked about the proper pronunciation or origin of the word Behance. Occasionally we’ll hear things that sound more like Beyonce, Bohance, or Bayhance, so we thought we’d clear things up a bit.

The name “Behance” was inspired by the word and meaning of “enhance” – making things better and empowering people to be more effective. The “be” implies that we must do it for ourselves; we must BE leaders of our own creative pursuits and develop the capacity to push our own ideas to fruition rather than rely on others.

As for the pronunciation…

Infographic Inspiration

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an inspiration series
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Despite recent claims there may be no such thing as a visual or verbal learner after all, I think we can all agree that some information is best presented in picture form. For example, street signs, maps. Open the newspaper: what does that sun with shades on mean? Yes, lovely weather. These commonplace images, simple as they may be, are examples of information architecture (or, infographics).

Lately, it seems that some infographics are passed around the internet with as much enthusiasm as the latest You Tube meme. Designers are using information architecture to transform complex information into pieces that are at once visually striking and easy to understand. On a mainstream and widely read blog, it’s totally normal these days to come upon an infographic about Stem Cells or Supreme Court Nomination Hearings.

Here’s how Behance creatives are reinterpreting information to be digestible and beautiful all at once.

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Wood Working Makes a Comeback

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Wood. One of the world’s most prolific natural resources, we rely on it for everything from literal shelter from the outside world to the smooth functioning of most schools and businesses.  And although we’re finding that in our increasingly digital world we’re slowly having less need for paper, this resource’s reach goes far beyond the book and paper industry. This material has a strong history in the art world. In craft, we can trace it back to early examples like totem poles, wooden sculptures, violins, and origami. Below are some of wood craft projects that we find particularly inspiring.  And, you’ll see below that wood does have its place in our digital times.

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Behance Around the World

The first round of Behance Meetups have been happening all month, all over the world. Here’s a photo report of what the Ambassadors have been planning…

Show up at the 2nd Meetup in your area: RSVP HERE

Montreal, Canada
Multimedia City, August 31

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Arista Cafe, September 26

Nairobi, Kenya
Capri 7 (former TBWA/Creative Office), September 17

Los Angeles, USA
Beechwood Restaurant, September 9

St. Petersburg, Russia
KOMPOT Cafe, September 10

5 New Served Sites launched this week!

Our network of Served Sites is growing
These industry-leading galleries feature top Behance Network projects by category. Our curatorial team selects projects that move creativity forward, offering more opportunities to be featured and giving your work even more of the exposure it deserves.

We’re proud of the team for the great work they put into the launch of these new sites, as well as the creative talent on the Behance Network, who consistently uploads so much quality work that we’re able to easily fill 10 Served sites (and then some).

This week marks the launch of 5 brand new sites:
Web Design
Toy Design
Digital Art

Visit our other Served Sites:
Motion Graphics
Industrial Design

Roundup: Links We Recommend

1) The PropHelping connect artist to humanitarian organizations

Connecting people doing good“So you’ve got all these artists, creating, painting, writing. We’re talking about the everyday creatives. But sometimes, our work makes it hard to see beyond what we are doing, to what we could be a part of.” The Prop is about connecting people doing good and instigating collaboration. The first Prop Event is September 23th in Chicago. RSVP for Every Face Tells a Story or check out their Vimeo Page and website.

2) Plethora — An iPhone app serving you inspiration everywhere

Plethora - Inspiration EverywhereThis new iPhone app offers design inspiration in a stripped down version for iPhone. The images come from 94 blogs, in creative fields such as photography, product design, and branding (including our very own Typography Served).

3) The Sketchbook Project — It’s like a concert tour but with sketchbooks

Sketchbooks stacked in rowsThousands of sketchbooks will be exhibited at galleries and museums as they make their way on tour across the country. Afterward, all the sketchbooks will be in the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library. ANYONE can participate, just choose a theme (such as “revenge,” “make mine a double,” “boys and girls”) pay $25, and get sent a notebook.