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Top 10 Social Networks for Creative People

We’re thrilled to be listed on Lateral Action as one of the top 10 social networks for creatives.  The website interviewed Parris Whittingham, a member of the Behance Network:

“For me, the value of Behance is that it holds users to a set of unspoken professional standards. I will not post anything on the network unless I am truly confident in the work. I know this to be true for several other artists who use Behance as well. The Behance platform was clearly designed to focus on the artwork. This “less is more approach” makes Behance feel more like a Boutique than a catalog or meat market. For a person that just likes to be inspired by great design, amazing talent and professional presentation, Behance compliments my needs.”

We couldn’t have summed it up better!  To see the complete list, please visit Lateral Action.

OMG!! AMO!! Party Pictures

Behance AMO Party Pictures

Over 200 of our closest friends, family, and fans came out to Santos Party House last night to “get in on the action.”  We had great music from Matthew Johnson, DLO The Big Asian, and Mike Servito.  And great drinks provided by Tito’s Vodka and Butternuts Beer & Ale.

If you didn’t get a chance to make it out, take a look at the pictures from Rachel Feierman below.

If it looks like a lot of fun, it’s because it was a lot of fun!

Make sure you check our next event…

Behance Team launches the first SERVED Sites

The ServedThe Behance team quietly launched the first five “SERVED” sites late last week. The SERVED sites showcase some of the greatest works by leading creative professionals within specific industries. The first five SERVED sites are:

Fashion (
Industrial Design
Motion Graphics

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UCLA-Berkeley Creativity & Technology

Behance was featured at the annual UCLA-Berkeley “Play” Conference at the Haas School of Business.  I (Scott) had the opportunity to make the case for empowering creative professionals with the new age of technology, and I had the opportunity to discuss (and in some cases debate) the importance of boosting productivity in the creative world – and protecting the time and effort that goes into great pieces of creative work.

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OMG!! AMO!! Launch Party

We’ve been working day and night to launch Action Method Online and now we’re ready to officially celebrate!  If you’re in NYC, stop by Santos Party House on November 18th from 7:00 – 10:00 to get in on the action.  Drinks will be provided by Tito’s Vodka and Butternuts Beer & Ale.  And it promises to be a fun time so don’t miss out…

RSVP is required:

OMG!! AMO!! Launch Party

PSFK & Other Reviews of AMO

Global innovation tracker PSFK wrote up a review of Action Method Online today. They commented especially on the design and unique approach to project management.

“While the functionality is great, the design is the big sell here. The clean, simple UI will appeal to creatives, and really anyone who works best in a clutter-free environment.” Full PSFK review of Action Method

We were also thrilled to demo the product for Tina Roth Eisenberg – curator of top design blog SwissMiss. Tina shares initial feedback in the SwissMiss review titled, Action Method – New Productivity Tool by Behance.

We have also come across some additional early user reviews:

Paul Fowler

George Cuevas

Know Media
Form FiftyFive

New Work City

New Work City New YorkOur friends at New Work City are doing an amazing thing. They are gathering a community of dedicated creative minds to work together in a co-working environment that promotes accountability, professionalism, and good economics. We previously profiled the thinking behind this new workspace concept in the Behance Magazine. We were surprised to see the new website splash page for New Work City – it utilizes a Behance Action Book to show the completed action steps required to make New Work City happen. Read more →

Word from the Blogosphere

The Behance team is very grateful for the coverage and suggestions we have received from blogs around the world since the launch of AMO. A few blogger reviews we’ve come across (aside from the official ones at TechCrunch and Mashable): 1222North’s review of Action Method – correctly pointing out that this IS more “action management” than “project management” (quite a philosophical difference we are proud of!  And then their is Plus63 – a showcase of Filipino Creativity. We’ll keep a look-out for other interesting interpretations of Action Method Online and how it can help people and teams make ideas happen.

TechCrunch Tries Out AMO

The world-renowned TechCrunch team received early access to Action Method Online, the Behance team’s new approach for productivity and project management. Mark Hendrickson posted a TechCrunch review today titled, “Action Method: A Flexible & Intuitive Project Management System.”

Excerpt: “Behance has now debuted an excellent new product called Action Method that will appeal to creative and non-creative individuals alike who wish to organize and collaborate on projects more effectively….The beauty of Action Method lies in the flexibility it affords each of its users to organize his or her tasks.”

You can read the full review here.