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Marking Off Action Steps

YAction Mini Stepsou may recognize the image on the right as a cut-out from the article Our Action Addiction. It displays many of our lovely Action Steps completed during the creation of A great debate has come up regarding the completion of an Action Step: How do you designate completed actions on a to-do list? I personally prefer using X’s when I complete an Action Step. Meanwhile, Matias believes that my beloved X’s are ugly and would much rather use a check. He is the designer so he may be correct as to which one looks better. On the other hand, he also thinks X’s are more “negative”. But doesn’t X Mark the Spot on a treasure map? Which one do you prefer really? Please take a vote, leave a comment, or both.

What is a “Creative Professional?”

Given our mission is all about developing new ways to serve creative professionals, we often get asked about HOW we define our audience.

In the broadest of terms, we define “creative professionals” as those who see idea generation as a core component of their professional life.  We are focused on idea generators because they share common challenges, across industries, when they try to make ideas happen.

Wikipedia takes the following view on the size and characteristics of the market:

“Creative professions include writing, art, design, theater, television, radio, motion pictures, related crafts, as well as marketing, strategy, some aspects of scientific research and development, product development, some types of teaching and curriculum design, and more. Since many creative professionals (actors and writers, for example) are also employed in secondary professions, estimates of creative professionals are often inaccurate. By some estimates, approximately 10 million US workers are creative professionals; depending upon the depth and breadth of the definition, this estimate may be doubled.”

We are extremely passionate about fostering productivity in the creative community. Check out our philosophy page to better understand our pursuit.

Productivity501 Contest Insights


Mark Shead’s blog, Productivity501, ran a contest (with Action Pads as prizes) for insights on different ways to manage to-do lists. His readers shared some interesting ideas and best practices. From using a highlighter to clasify tasks as completed to using 3×5 cards (one for each task) covering what could be called an “Action Wall!”  Good stuff.

Congrats to the winners, Desi and John. We wish you much productive creativity.

Looming Deadlines & Some Appreciations

The Behance team is nearing a few deadlines on some of our projects. Late nights yield some interesting conversations and insights in the office.

We’re fueled by sugar, caffeine, and the bits of positive energy that we generate for ourselves or find elsewhere. We really appreciated Derek Davis’ post in his journal today about our efforts to practice what we preach…we’re certainly trying to! We also like the motivating links that Michael Sampson posts in his “Daily Report” that we tend to read when we take a break from Behance projects.

Behance Press Digest: May


Only for those that are interested in some of the coverage Behance had around the blogosphere in late April and early May (and have nothing better or more productive to do right now), here are a few highlights…

HOW design had some nice comments to share on the Dot Grid Book, a product that has come an essential utility for us in our design efforts. We also appreciated shout-outs from Kineda, New Ending, and Uncrate on the Action Product line in Behance’s Outfitter that continues to evolve.

I (Scott) dropped by PSFK headquarters a few weeks ago and had the opportunity to discuss trends on creativity in the workforce with Piers Fawkes. Piers is great at capturing insights and synthesizing them with his other observations and research. He’s passionate about ideas, and I was thrilled to share some of Behance’s thoughts, some of which can be seen here. I wish our team could attend his next conference in London, but we’re swamped with work in NYC.  Hopefully next time around…

Ranked 96/100 for SEO

Sometimes I gloat. I can’t help it. I’m a programmer that codes all day and has no friends so I’m forced to try and show my talents harder to people that will read. I’m kidding… or am I? In any case I ran this nifty marketing tool at HubSpot that analyzes how marketable any website is, based on some SEO criteria. We got a 96, which means we scored higher than 96% of other websites that have used this tool. They say they’ve had thousands of people use it so I’m happy. Not only that but it alerted me to the fact my Google Page Rank is up to 3 after only two months of existence. Surprisingly I found that some pages had a PR of 5.

All people interested in boosting their rank in search engines should pay attention to what Hubspot has to say. I’ve done SEO work for a bit now and agree with all of their suggestions. Also if you are curious to see any site’s Google PR you can get the Live PageRank add-on. It’s interesting to see how your favorite sites compare to your own.

Oh I almost forgot to say, my score was 94 originally, but within 5 minutes of work from their suggestions I had it up another two points. Check back soon because I may just post a blog specifically about SEO tips.

Behance Press Digest: April

I (Scott) was psyched to share some of Behance’s tips on running productive meetings as a guest on MSNBC in mid April. Our team has learned a lot from the Action Method. We practice it ourselves, and we have collected feedback from a bunch of creative teams at places like Apple and Miramax. We keep the insights organized (as reference items, of course), and we will share them whenever we get a chance!

Action AreaOur Tip posting on the concept of “Action Areas,” something we really swear by, got some nice coverage at LifeClever, LifeHack, and on Craig Child’s blog. There were some interesting user comments left on the LifeClever post including one person who described the concept as a good way to “democratize the work place and creating a stronger sense of community amongst the work force.” We’re going to continue generating tips, or “behancers” as we like to call them, that are hopefully helpful to the creative professional community and beyond.

Behance Review on

Spear CollectiveWe were thrilled to see a review of Behance on Josh Spear’s site, one of our favorite, well designed sites that provides a great platform for quality creative energy.

We’re also fascinated with what Josh & Team have done with the Spear Collective:

“Spear Collective is our artist management collective, and we’re proud of it. We believe it’s comprised of some of the most promising, progressive, and definitive talent in the art and design world today. Our aim is to curate art and design in a more sustainable and honest way within brands – not just as advertising, but as true reflections of what a brands mean through our artist’s eyes. If you’re interested in chatting with us about potential opportunities for shows, artist-series products, or if you see something that catches your eye and would like to talk about working with any of these talented creatives, please feel free to contact us today!”

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