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Some (more) Sites We Link: End of June

Just when you thought that we were done highlighting a few sites that we have especially enjoyed during the month of June…but wait, there’s more.

We enjoy the analytical approach of trendmatter, the outgoing energy of we make money not art, and the depth of designboom.

Trendmatter is descibed as “a journey into the strange yet wonderful world of being a design student, with ramblings about experiences and observations as [the author, Mac] starts along the path of design, not really knowing where [he'll] end up.” We look forward to accompanying you on this journey, Mac!

We-Make-Money-Not-Art has stimulating imagery, and they feature edgy innovation that…makes us think. We like it.

Some Sites We Like: End of June

Studio 469′s blog has great design (no surprise, given their incredible work), imagery, and insights. For inspiration and great resources, we encourage you to check it out.

And, we’re fans of another blog all about creativity, insights, and ideas. The blog is titled “Login + Emotion.” We were also quite impressed by a recent analysis of the ecosystems of agencies. Behance often contemplates how the concept of an “agency” in the creative world will evolve over time. We suggest you check out David Armano’s posting on the topic.

Observe the Observer!

Design Observer

Design Observer has a great eye for the convergence of design and culture. The site takes an enlightening, historical perspective on how design evolves around us. We commend Michael, William, and Jessica for their work developing such a great spark every few days for our creative minds.

The Art of the Presentation

Garr Reynold keeps a helpful blog about all-things presentation, Presentation Zen.  As we are entering the creative professional era, we need to start thinking about how creative professionals present themselves and their work professionally (see one Behance article on a similar topic here).

Garr has a great article on Ben Zander, legendary performer, that makes the case for taking risk, empowering others, etc…but all in a creative context.

Behance & Being Happy

Behance was featured this morning on Sirius Radio’s LIME talk show with Karen Salmansohn. Behance founder Scott Belsky spoke about the need for more productivity in the creative community along with some of the research Behance has conducted on the topic. He also went through some best practices based on the Action Method. We love what Karen is up to and encourage you to check out her website…you might even sign up for her “Want to be Happy, Dammit” newsletter.

One topic that came up was the connection between passion and groundbreaking creativity. Widely-known author Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced chicks-send-me-high, seriously) writes about the state of “flow” as the prime zone for creative output. Of course, there are risks associated with becoming overly immersed in such a state: you may fail to keep track of the overall project’s goals! Nevertheless, passion-driven creativity is the fuel for the greatest breakthroughs and most forward-thinking design.

One designer we came across, thanks to the powers of Technorati, is Bryan Rees, based in South Carolina. Brian’s front page features “Branding : Design : Passion.” And it seems that Bryan has a history of executing ideas.

So, key take-away: Be passionate, and exercise the discipline to channel it to make ideas happen.

Andreessen’s Insights on Productivity

Marc Andreessen has an insightful post on productivity that can certainly be extended to personalize the Action Method.

A few highlights:

  • Don’t keep a schedule: Andreessen cites Arnold Schwarzenegger’s story, as told in the book A Perfect Mess, that emphasizes the importance of focusing on whatever is most important at any given time, rather than keeping a schedule that ultimately gets in the way of making progress.
  • “Keep three and only three lists: a Todo List, a Watch List, and a Later List.”
  • “Each night before you go to bed, prepare a 3×5 index card with a short list of 3 to 5 things that you will do the next day.”

I encourage you to check out the full post, as it is full of useful insights on managing email (rather than letting it manage you), using the ipod as a tool to ward OFF distraction, and other helpful goodies…

Destroying Barriers Without a Flood

Jonathan Keats wrote an interesting article in Wired Magazine about the notion of celebrity going open source.

“Forget Hollywood, Big Music, and Broadway. The unruly crowd now auditions its own stars, wiki-style, helping to decide who will enter the world stage and how long they’ll stay in the public eye.”

…Makes you reconsider the platforms that are currently out there for creative professionals to “be discovered.” While MySpace is a leading contender, it is the equivalent of a flea market; certainly not the ideal platform for reputable professional talent.

Time’s “Person of the Year” this year was you. While Time dwelled on the wide-open access to content provided by the likes of YouTube and others, the most exciting realization is the destruction of barriers for creative professionals. Your creative energy has more opportunity to be discovered, harnessed, and valued than ever before.

Of course, the new challenge will be separating the credible creative professional energy from the deluge of other stuff (mostly noise). Our bet is on the creative professional community finding new ways to collaborate and present themselves in a readily accessible (yet professional) way.

Behance Content Partnership with Creativity Portal

The Behance team will be working with Creativity Portal to provide tips and insights for the broader creative community. Creativity Portal has developed a great database of content on all-things-creativity that serves as a resource for creative people across industries. You can keep an eye on Behance’s “Author Page” at Creativity Portal for further updates.

Behance Select Retail Partnerships

After many inquiries, Behance has established retail partnerships with a few select stores across the US.  These retails partners are the first to carry the Action Method product line.

Berkeley, CA: Twig & Fig
San Francisco, CA
: Museum of Modern Art
Boston, MA
: Institute of Contemporary Art
New York, NY
: Reed Space
New York, NY:
Paper Presentation Center
Allentown, PA:
We Jet Set
Philadelphia, PA
: AIA Bookstore & Design Center
Seattle, WA
: Peter Miller Architecture & Design Books

We’re also pleased to announce our first online retail collaboration with YouWorkForThem.