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Behance Review on

Spear CollectiveWe were thrilled to see a review of Behance on Josh Spear’s site, one of our favorite, well designed sites that provides a great platform for quality creative energy.

We’re also fascinated with what Josh & Team have done with the Spear Collective:

“Spear Collective is our artist management collective, and we’re proud of it. We believe it’s comprised of some of the most promising, progressive, and definitive talent in the art and design world today. Our aim is to curate art and design in a more sustainable and honest way within brands – not just as advertising, but as true reflections of what a brands mean through our artist’s eyes. If you’re interested in chatting with us about potential opportunities for shows, artist-series products, or if you see something that catches your eye and would like to talk about working with any of these talented creatives, please feel free to contact us today!”

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Mystery Busy Signal

Approximately every three hours, the sound of a busy signal comes on. We have no idea where the sound originates. We’ve checked upstairs and downstairs in our building. While people confirm that they hear it as well (so we know we’re not crazy), nobody knows where the sound originates.

Perhaps there is a phone between the walls – eternally off the hook…and the busy signal comes on every time the phone is reset? Perhaps we are the lab rats in some sophisticated psychology experiment equivalent to the ancient old practice of water torture, drop by drop? Perhaps there is just something in the water…

Any brilliant insights out there?

An Experiment: The Blog (& Team) Behind Behance

We (Behance team) want a forum to share some of our ideas, address feedback and suggestions that we receive, and…well….ruminate a bit.

We also need a space to share the realizations and open questions that we encounter as we work on the various projects in the Behance pipeline.  We realize that our pursuit “to help the creative professional community make ideas happen” cannot be done alone.  We need input, partnerships, frank feedback, and accountability.  We think that an informal blog (such as this) can help keep us on track.

Yes, we have developed a set of guiding principles for ourselves, but we want to achieve a level of exchange and transparency that can only be accomplished through a team blog.

Much of Behance is an experiment. We’re mixing passion for creativity, entrepreneurship, and an obsession for productivity with what we feel is a noble cause.  We want Behance to serve the creative community in meaningful ways.  And we want to have fun doing it.