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A Change to This Very Page

If you’ve been coming here often you may have noticed more and more posts piling up on the same page. I got to adding pages to the blog tonight, as well as adding links to the Behance Network. The network was really the secret reason I hadn’t added pages or posted in a while. It was great to finally launch “our baby” this week so the tech team here could focus on some other things. We definitely learned a lot of new tricks while building the site that will help us in the future. Good times.

Behance Mentioned on Mashable

Mashable / Tech

The Mashable team took a sneak peak of the Behance Network and wrote a quick review ahead of our launch. While we are a network for creative professionals (not just “professional artists,” as the article suggests), we appreciated the insightful review.  Check it out.

It is safe to say that the 14+ month Behance Network development project is no longer under wraps…

Stop Spam

I am going to take a guess and say if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you too own a blog. This means you probably run into annoying spam bots. The issue kicked up around here as of late so we took some action. I have to recommend using Akismet. It is an awesome plug-in that allows you to greatly reduce spam from ruining your site. The system has a database of “2,191,704,433 spams caught so far” to detect if a comment is legitimate or not. I enjoy it’s use and so should you. It was made for WordPress, although it has plenty of third-party options available on the site. All it really takes is grabbing the API Key.

Quick Shout-Outs…

We really appreciated a few shout-outs today from Lost At E Minor and DesignPlus. Lost At E Minor is a content-rich blog covering pop culture discoveries – we’ve come across their blog before and really enjoy it. We also discovered a new blog, DesignPlus, thanks to the power of Technorati. It seems the writer is doing research on “creative spaces,” so we’ll have to keep an eye on the blog…

Some (more) Sites We Link: End of June

Just when you thought that we were done highlighting a few sites that we have especially enjoyed during the month of June…but wait, there’s more.

We enjoy the analytical approach of trendmatter, the outgoing energy of we make money not art, and the depth of designboom.

Trendmatter is descibed as “a journey into the strange yet wonderful world of being a design student, with ramblings about experiences and observations as [the author, Mac] starts along the path of design, not really knowing where [he'll] end up.” We look forward to accompanying you on this journey, Mac!

We-Make-Money-Not-Art has stimulating imagery, and they feature edgy innovation that…makes us think. We like it.

Some Sites We Like: End of June

Studio 469′s blog has great design (no surprise, given their incredible work), imagery, and insights. For inspiration and great resources, we encourage you to check it out.

And, we’re fans of another blog all about creativity, insights, and ideas. The blog is titled “Login + Emotion.” We were also quite impressed by a recent analysis of the ecosystems of agencies. Behance often contemplates how the concept of an “agency” in the creative world will evolve over time. We suggest you check out David Armano’s posting on the topic.