Riccardo Capuzzo (Design42Day) Gives Behance a Shout Out in Italian Vogue

In a recent interview for Italian Vogue, Art Director and Editor-in-Chief Riccardo Capuzzo, lists Behance as “a must-visit design blog.” Capuzzo says “[Behance] is a social network for designers where you can publish your own portfolio. I use it as a blog and visit it every day to see if there is any new interesting work.”

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Graphic Designer Lands Gap Contract via Behance

“Dominic Le-Hair, a graphic designer from Dogsthorpe, has been catapulted from crafting free type-faces in snatched moments, to seeing his work used in a major advertising campaign for GAP.


Creative directors working on the GAP campaign tracked Dominic down to his family home in Dogsthorpe after coming across his eye-catching alphabets at the online portfolio site”

Peterborough Graphic Designer, Dominic Le-Hair, was recently featured on the evening Telegraph and his recent career-changing campaign with the Gap is traced back to his Behance portfolio. We love hearing success stories like this one!

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Behance Named as Top Portfolio-Building Tool on Mashable

A recent Mashable post named as one of the top 5 user-friendly tools for building your online portfolio. Here’s what they had to say:

Summary: Behance is a platform for creative professionals to gain exposure and manage their careers. Users can create multimedia portfolios that showcase their work to millions of visitors.

Best Feature: Behance turns your work into an online gallery; It claims to get 15 times the traffic of all other leading portfolio sites combined (including Carbonmade, the next site on our list). Recruiters can find and track talent and post jobs for the creative professionals on the site.

What Needs Work: In order to have your own personal portfolio website, rather than just a profile on Behance, you need to join ProSite. This costs $11 a month, but it allows you to create a full website without coding, and it syncs with your Behance portfolio.

Ideal User: Any creative professional wishing to showcase multimedia projects — images, text, audio or video. The layout of the site is better for viewing visual projects, so anyone from graphic designers to photographers to industrial designers can benefit.

Cost: Free for a Behance profile, $11 a month for the ProSite.

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Weighing Your Options: Designer Portfolio Sites

Designer Ben Whitesell researched and evaluated the best online portfolio tools for creatives in a recent blog post, and we’re thrilled that ProSite came out on top. ProSite is Behance’s completely customizable personal portfolio builder. Here’s some of what Ben had to say:

“I have had a great experience dealing with [Behance] through my free profile and did quite a bit of research into other hosted portfolio sites like Cargo Collective and the like. But, because the people behind Behance have been readily accessible via twitter, their blog, and forums, I felt comfortable going with them. The big selling point being how easy it was to set up a site, attach my own personal domain, and even drop in Google Analytics for tracking.


I really like the level of customization that Prosite offers for webpages. Everything is easy adjusted from an administration panel and you can upload custom images for your header or for the gallery buttons. Columns for page layout can be adjusted to your preference and if you get a little creative then you can also get pretty custom with the sites navigation. Behance also regularly provides updates like adding the ability to add social media links, a custom favicon, custom type integration, and expandable images.”

Read Ben’s full post here and try ProSite out for yourself (for free) here.