Mission Accomplished: Behance Portfolio Review Building Creative Community Online and Offline did an extensive roundup and review of Behance’s recent, first-ever global Portfolio Review Week.

They wrote:

“What do a Graphic Designer in Karachi, Pakistan, a photographer in Treviso, Italy, an Illustrator in Bogota, Colombia and an Art Director in Montreal, Canada all have in common? They represent just a portion of the 4,000 creatives worldwide to participate inBehance Portfolio Review week kicked off at Grind NYC on Tuesday, May 15. The event turnout was just one remarkable aspect of the event series described by Sarah Rapp, Behance Community Manager as being “designed to help people up their game by sharing and getting feedback on creative work at an in-person critique event.””

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AVC: Where To Find Strong Talent

Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson includes as an ideal resource for locating new talent to join your team. In a recent blog post, Wilson discusses how entrepreneurs can find and recruit strong talent for their companies. Check out the full article here.

A roundup of recent Behance Press

Creative Discovery Company Behance Raises $6.5 Million From Jeff Bezos, Union Square Ventures And Others – Business Insider

After 5 Years Of Bootstrapping, Behance Nabs $6.5M From USV, Jeff Bezos, Dave Morin & More – TechCrunch

Behance Goes from Bootstrapped to VC-Backed with $6.5 Million Funding - Pando Daily

Behance Lands $6.5M From USV and Others, Gets Ready to Scale – BetaBeat

After 5 Years Of Bootstrapping, Behance Nabs $6.5M From USV, Jeff Bezos, Dave Morin & More – The Chronicle

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos backs Behance, a place for artists to showcase their talents – GeekWire

Behance shows off your creative talent, attracts its first investor – Venture Beat

Behance Helps Web Designers Increase Visibility

Joomlavision walks readers through setting up their Behance profiles, portfolios & ProSites to gain optimal exposure, highlighting the network as an ideal tool for web designers. In addition to praising the site, they included some great visuals from ProSite:

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Web Designers are Using the Behance Network to Increase Visibility

Designmodo reports that; “Behance gives web designers the opportunity to display their work, network with peers, and find an easier path to exposure than they would with traditional marketing practices. With millions of users worldwide and a high amount of traffic, the Behance network has exploded in growth and is attracting not only great web designers, but also the people who hire them.”

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Behance teams up with Pinterest to improve attribution

On May 1, Behance partnered with Pinterest, along with Flickr, YouTube and Vimeo, to drastically improve attributions on pins.

In an interview with Wired, Behance CEO Scott Belsky  explained some of the issues the creative community faced that lead to this new feature:

“The greatest design work, illustration, photography — and any other creation — has the tendency to be shared on other websites, often times without a link back or even a proper credit,” says Scott Belsky, cofounder of Behance, a community of creative professionals. “As a result, creative careers often fail to benefit from the exposure that their work receives.”

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For more insights from Scott on the Pinterest collaboration, read his blog post on the launch

Graphic design students learn to use social-networking tools

A recent article on My Central Jersey a graphic design instructor at Anthem Institute in North Brunswick explains why it’s important for students to take advantage of tools like Behance. She states:

“We use two tools specifically, LinkedIn and Using the sites together has greatly increased the number of interviews that our students have gotten.”

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