Behance mentioned as where degree-free creatives get noticed

Fast Company’s article “Why College Is Not a Bubble, Except for the University of  Phoenix” lists the many reasons why a conventional college education is going to continue to be a stepping stone for young people en route to a career. It also takes a look at how talented people who skip college get noticed and find careers–one way being networks like Behance.

“There are always going to be outliers who are entrepreneurial enough, creative enough, talented enough, or geeky enough to succeed without a college degree. Reputation-based networks like Behance and Github can go a long way toward giving colleges a run for their pricey tuition money, opening up the market for providing both learning and job-market signaling for free or at very affordable prices.”

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This Week in Web Design: Scott Belsky

Behance founder Scott Belsky was interviewed on episode 14 of “This Week In” a web TV network covering a variety of topics from tech to entertainment, keeping you up to speed on what’s happening each week in their signature fast and funny style.

On Tuesday’s live episode of “This Week in Web Design,” Scott Skyped in, going over the state of modern social communities and what it takes to do it on a massive scale.

This Week In Web Design #14

Oprah Presents: Master Class on Excellence, featuring Scott Belsky

Oprah Winfrey’s latest “Master Class” (a collection of interviews with the masters) focuses on the theme of excellence. On, she says:

“You’ll hear it again and again through these interviews with masters – a kind of relentlessness, fierceness, intensity. This approach elicits beautiful work from them and beautiful possibilities for each of us. Welcome to the Master Class on excellence – an invitation to bring your best.”

Behance Founder Scott Belsky was interviewed for the latest “Master Class,” resulting in a piece featured piece. Find it here:

3 Questions That Will Propel Your Work from Good to Excellent

Behance featured in PressPausePlay Documentary

The creative landscape is changing. A new generation of global creators and artists are emerging, equipped with other points of references and other tools. PressPausePlay is a new documentary about this change in production and consumption of Creative Works. The filmmakers interviewed a plethora of creatives at the frontier of production, from Moby to Seth Godin to our very own Scott Belksy.

Find the trailer below, and at PressPausePlay’s Official Site.

Below, find PressPausePlay’s interview with Scott.

“Designing Careers That Don’t Exist Yet” Panel at SXSW

At this year’s South By Southwest Conference, Behance Founder Scott Belsky appeared on a few panels. One broached the topic “Designing Careers That Don’t Exist Yet” with a few other folks – Alexis Ohanian of Reddit, Chris Hoyt from PepsiCo. They gave some solid advice on work in the “post-resume age.” In a sentence: “The idea that you can sum up your life in a one-page Microsoft Word doc is out outdated.”

Fast Company covered the panel and noted the takeaways.  Find the full, 55 minute panel video here.

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