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LinkedIn Has Left A Gaping Hole That Startups Are Scrambling To Fill

Yes, LinkedIn is a massive company. But it’s most useful for professionals who use traditional resumes and want office jobs. It recently launched a feature that lets its users upload a few samples of work, but there’s no way to make a resume truly show off someone’s talent. Now there are a slew of startups scrambling to fill LinkedIn’s gaping hole. They’re trying to become a professional solution for people who don’t have desk jobs, from athletes to artists.

A few promising solutions:

  • Behance. If you’re a designer, photographer, advertising creative, or film maker, the most important things you can show potential employers are samples of your work. Scott Belsky and his team at Behance have built up a big business giving these professionals a more creative solution than LinkedIn

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Posted on September 28th, 2012