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Intro to Behance: New Marketing Tool for A/E/C Firms

A college professor once told me on the first day of class: “Whatever work you do, be absolutely proud to put your name on it.” It’s advice I’ve always remembered because it applies so aptly in life, marketing, and any other profession. As a marketer to the A/E/C industry, I’m often reminded of my professor’s wise words because the architects, engineers, designers and builders we have worked with have a portfolio of outstanding projects, all of which they’re proud to showcase.

Unfortunately, some firms often struggle to share their work with the world, and ultimately their target prospects. There’s a vast audience of potential clients who would enjoy these projects, but reaching each individual can be both difficult and time-consuming. Social media gives firms a great advantage, however, some tools have limitations in either their audience or technical capabilities. With that in mind, I recommend the social networking tool Behance to A/E/C professionals and firms to effectively display the projects and work they’re so proud of.

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Posted on November 5th, 2012