Action Method featured in Computer Arts Magazine

Computer Arts recently published a long article on “Getting things done the creative way” in which they featured Action Method Online, as well as interviewed one of our overseas retailers of Action Products, our line of products and tools for creative professionals.

“It’s at the core of our entire business: project management, planning and finance, and general internal communications.The ethos is simple: making ideas happen. No dancing around points, no lengthy email chains, just simple calls to action.”

ProSite is Launched – Early Press

We’re pleased to announce that ProSite is officially launched! Our new service will allow creative people and teams to create fully customized portfolio websites through a revolutionary drag-and-drop interface. And, you won’t have to touch a line of code. Some top blogs have noticed ProSite and posted reviews since the May 12th launch:

Mashable: Creatives: Build the Perfect Online Portfolio, No Code Required
“ProSite is a simple as drag-and-drop way to create truly stunning online portfolios. Behance CEO Scott Belsky said ProSite is ‘the best thing we’ve ever built.’”

Swiss Miss: ProSite Launched
“Behance has created a tool that will change the world of online portfolios. The ProSite user interface is a work of beauty and is incredibly intuitive. building a portfolio has never been easier”

Fuel Your Creativity: ProSite – Fully Customizable Portfolios From The Minds At Behance

The Next Web: Behance ProSite simplifies online portfolio management

Levenger + Behance team up with the “Action Circa Notebook”

Levenger CEO Steve Leveen recently posted an article on his blog, “Well-Read Life,” about Behance CEO Scott Belsky’s entrepreneurial work, chronicling the founding of Behance, his book, “Making Ideas Happen,” as well as the line of Creative Outfitter paper products.

Now, Behance and Levenger are teaming up with a powerful new product, the “Action Circa Notebook.” It combines the organization of the Action Method with the flexibility of Levenger’s Circa Products. We’re thrilled to be offering this, starting today, on the Behance Outfitter.

Behance Outfitter – Action Circa Notebook
Levenger – Action Circa Notebook

Behance mentioned as where degree-free creatives get noticed

Fast Company’s article “Why College Is Not a Bubble, Except for the University of  Phoenix” lists the many reasons why a conventional college education is going to continue to be a stepping stone for young people en route to a career. It also takes a look at how talented people who skip college get noticed and find careers–one way being networks like Behance.

“There are always going to be outliers who are entrepreneurial enough, creative enough, talented enough, or geeky enough to succeed without a college degree. Reputation-based networks like Behance and Github can go a long way toward giving colleges a run for their pricey tuition money, opening up the market for providing both learning and job-market signaling for free or at very affordable prices.”

Read more at Fast Company