NY Egotist Features Behance Community Manager, Sarah Rapp

The NY Egotist – a blog featuring content at the intersection of tech & creativity – interviewed Behance’s Community Manager Sarah Rapp, who acts as  “the eyes and ears of Behance.”

Check out the article for insight on how the CM Team at Behance gets the community pumped up, turns feedback into real improvements, and how Community Management is about much more than Social Media.

“The Eyes and Ears” of Behance: Interview with Community Manager, Sarah Rapp

Belsky Speaks at Mashable Conference

Earlier this month, Mashable posted video highlights from their annual conference, Mashable Connect, which took place this May in Florida. Behance CEO Scott Belsky was a speaker – check out the video of him talking about organizing and empowering the creative industry, along with an introduction to ProSite (which we happened to launch that weekend).

Watch the video here: Scott Belsky at Mashable Connect

I.D. & Behance come together to launch “I.D. Mag Online Design Showcase.”

Today I.D. Magazine re-launched as the online design destination with a completely re-designed website at In partnership with Behance, this new design destination showcases the best in product industrial design being created today.

The new features user-submitted designs that are carefully curated to offer readers the most innovative work happening today, and our partnership with Behance enables winners of the Annual Design Review — I.D.’s prestigious annual design competition with an October 1 entry deadline — the opportunity to be featured on the homepage of The site will be backed by a strong social media presence (Twitter: @IDOnline Facebook: focused on the larger design conversation.

During its more than 50 years in print, I.D. Magazine was well-recognized as the leading design magazine, garnering a passionate following and multiple National Magazine Awards.

Read More in Press Release

Creativeoverflow Recommends ProSite for Online Portfolios

Creative Overflow, an online magazine that covers “anything creative” published a review of ProSite, Behance’s revolutionary new way to build, host and manage your personal portfolio website. Covering everything from the product’s philosophy, to details of using ProSite, and a short interview with Scott Belsky, they ended with their final take on this product:

“ProSite is an awesome product and there is no better way to get your own unique portfolio online if you aren’t a coding expert. Behance has outdone themselves, so make sure you check out the product and put it to good use.”

Read full article at Creativeoverflow:
Behance Launches ProSite & Interview with Scott Belsky

CNN Lists Behance Network as Place To Get Hired

CNN writer Dave Stephens published an article today backing the “UnCollege” social movement that advocates self-directed higher education. In describing how the Internet is replacing some of the benefits of the networking that college allows, he said:

“Employers are recruiting on LinkedIn, Facebook, StackOverflow, and Behance. People are hiring on Twitter, selling their skills on Google, and creating personal portfolios to showcase their talent.”

Read full article here:
College is a waste of time

Behance 1 of “5 Companies I’d Invest In At a Wild Valuation”

It was a nice surprise to find ourselves on this list put together by Rob Go (a co-founder of NextView ventures, a VC firm focused on internet enabled innovation) where he listed his picks for companies he’d most want to invest in, “even at a crazy valuation.” Behance keeps company here with Yelp, Tripadvisor, DropBox, and Pinterest.

Behance is a New York based company that is emerging as the dominant platform and community for creative professionals.  It’s not really in the public spotlight, but everyone I know in the design/creative industry is well aware of the company and a participant in the network.  I also love Scott Belsky’s vision for how the creative process should evolve (and by extension, how creative professionals can capture more of the value they create in the industries that rely on them).

5 Under-Hyped Companies I’d Invest in at a Wild Valuation [Full Article]

Matias Corea in Bracket Magazine as Design Visionary

“The second issue of Bracket features 16 visionaries who have pursued their hunger to create change in the world.” One of the 16 is Behance’s Chief of Design, Matias Corea, listed along with greats like HelloVon, eboy, sam valenti IV, underware, Seth Godin and John Maeda.

Corea answered questions like “Describe a typical day at Behance” and “What is the best advice you’ve ever been given” in visual form. See a preview below.

Buy a print or digital issue of Vol 2 when you visit Bracket’s Website.

Tumblr Founder’s Favorite Tech Tools: Action Method!

David Karp, the 24 year old founder of uber-popular blogging platform Tumblr, did a series of articles for Inc. recently where he dug into his workstyle and favorite tools. Amongst his favorites was Action Books, from our very own Behance Outfitter. He says:

“As I go through my e-mail, I make a list of things that I need to do that day in my notebook. I have a bad memory, so I’ve become a thorough notetaker. I use Action Method notebooks from Behance. They are really beautiful. The pages have rows or dots instead of lines. I ordered a bunch for our team.”

Also on his list? Pilot Pens, Leica M9 Camera, TeuxDuex, HypeMachine, and Apple TV.

David Karp’s Favorite Tech Tools [Full Article]

Behance Network feature in Photopreneur Magazine

Photoprenuer Magazine published a lengthy feature on The Behance Network, and how photographers in particular can use the platform to help advance their career.

Today’s photographers no longer need to learn darkroom skills or bone up on the different kinds of chemicals they’ll be pouring into trays…but they do need to understand the difference between RAW and jpg image formats. Behance’s platform provides a useful service. Adding your projects to a platform viewed by the creative industry can only help to win jobs and land new commissions.”

Behance’s Community Manager Sarah Rapp weighed in to provided advice and guidance in using the Behance Network. View the full article and these tips below:

Behance Brings Creative Workers Together