Announcing The New Behance Outfitter

In 2006 we designed our first product, the Action Pad, to stay organized as we built the Behance Network. Then friends starting asking for them, and soon we had created an entire line of paper products. Now, at the end of 2011, we’ve launched a brand new Behance Outfitter. Check out products for creative professionals at our newly redesigned store.

Action Products featured in Inc. Mag as CEO “essential”

In an Inc Magazine profile on former model-turned-CEO (of “My Fashion Database”), Keith Britton picks a few of his essential products to stay comfortable and productive as a “bicoastal CEO” who is constantly traveling between LA and NYC. Along with a blazer by Theory, Britton lists our Action Method products, saying:

“My online account syncs with an iPhone app, which keeps me productive on the god. During client meetings, I take notes in a small Action Method notebook instead of typing on my phone, which might seem rude.”

AMO is Lululemon’s “favorite digital goal setting tool”

Lululemon, makers of yoga-inspired women’s athletic wear, included Action Method Online in their recent list of “favorite digital goal setting tools.” A team after our own heart, the Lululemon group is “obsessed with living lives we love through the practice of goal settings.” Included along with other great tools such as Pinterest, 43 Folders, and evernote, here’s what they said about AMO:

“I use Action Method to keep track of my to-dos or goals for each day. Since I’m in a role where work often feels like play, it’s pretty easy to get carried away. Action Method is a tool that is available in almost every form: website, app and even that good old fashion pen and paper we were talking about. With so much always on the go, Action Method helps me prioritize my goals and keeps me on track for achieving them.”

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“Work Smart” – Behance CEO weighs in on Fast Company

Behance CEO Scott Belsky has been lending his voice to a series of posts on Fast Company, explaining in a few themes what strategies and workflow tips he can pass on after his four years of leading our start-up team at Behance. Browse the posts and videos below from the “Work Smart” series.

Overcoming The Addiction To “Insecurity work”
Live and Work With a Bias Toward Action
Surviving the Project Plateau
Overcoming “Reactionary Workflow” To Make Your Vision a Reality

Art Center Launches a Network on Behance

We’re pleased to announce that we’re now powering a creative network for Art Center College of Design. You can now visit their custom Network to see work from students, alumni and faculty members, grouped together in a single gallery.

Check out this motion graphics piece made to celebrate the launch, created by the Behance Student ambassador at Art Center, Yomna Chamcham and Kevin Wansa.

Visit the Art Center Network

Fast Company and Adweek cover new Behance-supported co-working space, Grind

Grind, a new co-working space for creative professionals, launched this month, backed by ourselves at Behance, and Cool Hunting, Breakfast, and Co Collective.

As a workspace and community that eliminates all the frustrations of working “the old way,” Grind will “support talented professionals in their independent careers with a great environment that enables them to do their greatest work on their own terms.”  (Scott Belsky)

Fast Company
Co: Collective Founders Launch Coworking Space “Grind” In Heart of NYC Startup Scene

Adweek Article
Grind gets boost from Behance, Breakfast

“Trash Land” Project + ProSite featured on CNN Homepage

“Trash Land”, a project posted on Behance, got some powerful exposure last week with a front-page feature on CNN. The photographer, Jose Ferreira posted this project on his Behance Portfolio and his online portfolio (powered by ProSite), which is linked in the article. The photo-slideshow and article feature a shocking glimpse into a garbage dumb in Maputo, Mozambique’s capital, and how many are forced to make a living from the waste.

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TechCrunch Chronicles Behance’s Growth – 1 Million Projects Published

The TechCrunch Blog published a piece today looking back at Behance’s founding 2008 mission to “put control back into the hands of creatives and give their ideas the opportunity to see the light of day” and how far we’ve come three years later.

Behance has revealed a few new, cool stats to TechCrunch, which provide a glimpse into the network’s growth. Today, over 1 million projects have been published by creative professionals on Behance, with over 20,000 new projects launched every week that contain over 100,000 images and videos.

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With Its Eyes On ‘The Creative Graph,’ Behance Crosses 1 Million Projects Published Milestone

Men’s Health Loves Action Cahiers

Men’s Health, looking for the perfect notebook for paper-lovers, seems to have found it in reviewing the Action Cahier.

The Action Cahier is a task based notebook. Items “to-do” go into boxes, and there’s checkboxes to note completion. And this notebook is part of a whole line of different notebooks and pads, all based upon a lofty action methodology — which you can love or hate independent of loving the notebooks themselves. And we decided to love the notebooks.

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Behance Action Cahier pocket notebook