Making Ideas Happen: The Book

Ideas are worthless if you can’t make them happen… Drawing on years of research and hundreds of interviews, Behance Founder and CEO Scott Belsky chronicles the methods of exceptionally productive creative leaders and teams in his new book, Making Ideas Happen, in stores April 15, 2010. Google’s Ji Lee calls it, “a Swiss Army knife for ideas.” And who doesn’t need one of those?

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Scott’s Business Week Article

This week, Business Week featured an article by Behance’s founder, Scott Belsky on the timely topic of Crowdsourcing. He discusses the perils and the promises of tapping the creative community at large for work and “unlocking the potential of the masses.” Scott lays out ideas for how to fix Crowdsourcing so that client and creative talent alike may benefit.

Crowdsourcing is Broken: How To Fix It

Great Work Blog Talks to Scott

This week, The Great Work Blog talked to Scott, and their interview just went up in the form of an audio conversation. They discussed why looking to the short-term can be a powerful execution strategy, how to overcome the tragedy that most ideas are born and lost in isolation, and why “acting without conviction” can be a good straggly for keeping things going.¬† Have a listen to the interview for some inspiration this Friday.

New Action Products

This week, we are extremely proud to announce the launch of three new Action Products – The Action Journal, Dot Grid Journal, and Action Cahier. Thanks to our partnership with New Leaf sustainable Paper Company, these products are eco-friendly and made from 100% recycled paper. These are sold along with our other products on the Creative Outfitter.

The Action Journal and Dot Grid Journal are both in hardcover, and the Action Cahier is a portable¬† 3.5” x 5.5 ”.¬† We think they look fantastic, and hope that many ideas come to fruition between these pages!

We’re pleased to see some of our favorite bloggers review the new products:

Coolhunting – Behance Action Method Journals
Swiss Miss – Behance Outfitter New Products
Josh Spear – New Action Method Products

Plywood People Interviews Us

Last week, we spoke to Plywood People, a website that aims to address social needs by “searching for social problems with the hope to match them with entrepreneurial creativity to organize, innovate, and manage ideas that produce change.” We were happy to speak with them last week and answer questions for a featured interview on their blog. They even gave away a free Action Book to a reader who RTed the interview! See the article here.