PSFK & Other Reviews of AMO

Global innovation tracker PSFK wrote up a review of Action Method Online today. They commented especially on the design and unique approach to project management.

“While the functionality is great, the design is the big sell here. The clean, simple UI will appeal to creatives, and really anyone who works best in a clutter-free environment.” Full PSFK review of Action Method

We were also thrilled to demo the product for Tina Roth Eisenberg – curator of top design blog SwissMiss. Tina shares initial feedback in the SwissMiss review titled, Action Method – New Productivity Tool by Behance.

We have also come across some additional early user reviews:

Paul Fowler

George Cuevas

Know Media
Form FiftyFive

TechCrunch Tries Out AMO

The world-renowned TechCrunch team received early access to Action Method Online, the Behance team’s new approach for productivity and project management. Mark Hendrickson posted a TechCrunch review today titled, “Action Method: A Flexible & Intuitive Project Management System.”

Excerpt: “Behance has now debuted an excellent new product called Action Method that will appeal to creative and non-creative individuals alike who wish to organize and collaborate on projects more effectively….The beauty of Action Method lies in the flexibility it affords each of its users to organize his or her tasks.”

You can read the full review here.

Behance Keynote at VCU

Michael Karnjanaprakorn and Scott Belsky from the Behance team were pleased to be the first guests for the VCU Brand Center Speaker Series in Richmond, VA. Michael and Scott shared tips from Behance’s research on organization and productivity in the creative community, as well as some insights on trends in the creative professional world.

AMO Is Cool(Hunting)

The team at Cool Hunting was one of the early beta users of Action Method Online. They posted one of the latest screenshots – along with a review – today. Check it out here.

Scott at re:think Conference

Behance founder Scott Belsky delivered a keynote at this year’s re:think conference on the topic of making ideas happen, based on Behance’s research in the creative world. The conference gathered leaders in the event marketing industry. A review of the conference by the PharmaExec Blog is provided here.

Cover Story: HOW Magazine

Behance’s research on how the most productive creative teams operate is the featured cover story in the June 2008 issue of HOW Design Magazine, one of the biggest design industry magazines in the US. MORE

Keynote: HOW Design Conference

Behance founder Scott Belsky presented “Tips for Making Ideas Happen” at this year’s HOW Design Conference in Boston, MA. Over 4000 people attended the conference. The session included tips from Behance’s 200+ interviews of creative teams (many of which are profiled on as well as the methodologies developed by Behance. Read an early blog review of the session as well as a blogger recap.