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Behance 1 of “5 Companies I’d Invest In At a Wild Valuation”

It was a nice surprise to find ourselves on this list put together by Rob Go (a co-founder of NextView ventures, a VC firm focused on internet enabled innovation) where he listed his picks for companies he’d most want to invest in, “even at a crazy valuation.” Behance keeps company here with Yelp, Tripadvisor, DropBox, and Pinterest.

Behance is a New York based company that is emerging as the dominant platform and community for creative professionals.  It’s not really in the public spotlight, but everyone I know in the design/creative industry is well aware of the company and a participant in the network.  I also love Scott Belsky’s vision for how the creative process should evolve (and by extension, how creative professionals can capture more of the value they create in the industries that rely on them).

5 Under-Hyped Companies I’d Invest in at a Wild Valuation [Full Article]

Posted on June 3rd, 2011