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“Agencies Branch Out for Talent” – Behance on Digiday

Agencies are increasingly turning to social media to help draw attention to their work, tapping services such as Pinterest and Instagram, and of course Facebook and Twitter. But they’re also making use of more niche platforms such as creative portfolio network Behance to ensure their work gets seen, and seen by the right people.

According to CEO Scott Belski, Behance has seen a notable rise in the amount of agencies active on its platform over the past two months. They are using it to gain recognition within the creative community, but also to market themselves to the creative individuals that comprise it. Agencies with a presence on the network now include Leo Burnett NY, Big Spaceship, Sub Rosa, R/GA, and Hello Monday amongst others.

“When someone searches for Nike interactive design, R/GA wants to make sure it’s showing up top of the list,” explained Belski. “The second reason the agencies are here is for talent and recruitment. It enables them to directly interact and engage with some of the most talented individuals around the world.”

Behance was originally intended to help creative teams and individuals build online portfolios and more successfully gain credit for their work. The idea was to highlight talent and to bring transparency and meritocracy to the creative field, to focus on what creatives are capable of rather than who they know in the industry.

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Posted on September 20th, 2012