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Our Curated Galleries supply a steady stream of top creative work, organized by themes like architecturepackaging design and fashion. Our curation team combs through every project published on Behance to serve up the best of what they find. Click here to view the full selection of curated sites. 

Animals” on the Character Design served site.

Ghost in the Machine” on the Editorial Design served site.

This Week’s Most Appreciated Projects

Appreciations are a way to send genuine kudos to another creative professional on Behance. This is our community’s way of curating the network, so that the best projects gain the most exposure. Here’s a look at two of the most appreciated projects on Behance this week:

In this project Graphic Designer and 3D artist Črtomir Just experiments with illuminated cloned shapes with unrealistic materials. See the full series here complete with closeups and links to download.

Przemek Blejzyk shares some of his 2012 body of work in one project, featuring layered acrylic and oil paintings like “Poisonous” (pictured above). See the full series here.

Meet the team: Oscar

Who are you and what do you do at Behance?
I’m Oscar, Head Curator at Behance. My job consists of selecting projects to be showcased on the Behance gallery and the industry-specific Served Sites. In order to do this, our team reviews every single featureable project uploaded to Behance. We look at thousands of projects every day and select them for more than 60 different categories and creative fields including the Behance gallery, the existing Served Sites, and future ones. Each of these selections is then reviewed again and arranged independently, and continuously, to make the best possible showcase of all the work uploaded by Behance members. I’m also the Illustrator for the 99U.com.

What are three desktop tools you can’t live without?
1. Adium: An instant messaging application that lets me be available in almost every chat platform.
2. Chrome: The only browser that supports opening 50 tabs at the same time and loads the images fast enough to let each curator look at 3,000 to 6,000 projects a day.
3. Evernote: I use it to take notes that I can check from anywhere at anytime.

What have you worked on recently that you’re extra proud of?
I have to say the Behance curation. I’ve been working on it for more than four years and it is a big responsibility, but the rigor and fairness that we apply to it, added to the fact that it helps people, makes me very proud.

What do you listen to while working?
Radio stations from Spain and Catalonia, in Spanish and Catalan. And any kind of music that is not made only to be sold.

Can you share a few of your favorite projects on Behance?
One of the projects that I was most excited to come across was the editorial design for “S,M,L,XL,” the collaboration between Bruce Mau and Rem Koolhaas on the work of the architect because it is a living history of graphic design. When you see new trends daily in various disciplines, to see a project that will be remembered in the future as a cultural expression of its time, gives you another perspective on your job and a big geeky excitement.

Check out Oscar’s work here, or follow him on twitter @ororozco.



Behind the Project: Obama Mosaic Illustrations

Of all the art forms that might have you asking – “how’d they do that?” –  mosaic art might be one of the most mysterious. Charis Tsevis, a Greek visual designer, has made a career out of his unique creations – for clients like IKEA, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, and many more. Over the past few years, he’s created a series of immensely popular Barack Obama portraits, contributing illustrations, posters, and graphics to his campaigns in 2008 and 2012. Go behind the scenes and discover the inspiration, and step-by-step process to creating these. 

What was your inspiration for this project?
The inspiration was Barack Obama himself. Obama as the person, the politician, the idea.

Can you describe your process in creating this project?
The main idea behind all my Obama-related works is ‘Unity’. Obama consistently repeats himself with the phrase of “Out of many we are One”. Moreover, the relationship between the whole and its parts creates a fundamental base for all my work.

Once I have found the idea, I collect the various parts that are going to form the whole. I like to carefully select the right elements between many photos and graphics. I spend a lot of time carefully preparing all the small parts. Photographs have to be cropped, corrected and enhanced so they can express the specific meaning I want to emphasize. Typography has to be selected carefully. Verbal and visual content has to be in harmony. After that I select the portraits of Barack Obama that express what I want to say. Although I have bought various photos from different photographers, I still need to work on them. The most important aspect for me in a portrait is light. I want the person to be illuminated in a symbolic way.

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The Benefits of Portfolio Reviews

Graphic design blog You The Designer  featured a great post on the importance and benefits of Portfolio Reviews. Written by photographer and Behance user Gerome Soriano, this post was inspired by his involvement with Behance Portfolio Review Week and recaps some strong points on how valuable feedback can be for the creative community.

Here are some main points he made:
  • Get valuable feedback from people that know what they are talking about because they themselves have been through the same struggles you’re having
  • Step back. Being artists, we have the tendency to be too absorbed in what we do and the works we produce. Portfolio reviews are a good time to separate the work from the artist.
  • Know where you can go. With the feedbacks given by the reviewer and your answers to their questions you will have a better gauge of where your work is heading.
  • Address your dilemmas. Portfolio reviews are also a good time to bring up questions you’ve been struggling to answer.
  • Learn a trick or two. Successful people love recounting how they got their “break” into the industry.
  • Practice communication skills. Most artists, especially new ones, have problems speaking about their artwork. Portfolio reviews are great for practicing, enhancing and evaluating your communication skills.
  • Study how the experts do it. Study how the reviewers communicate. Evaluate their speech, the words and phrases they use.
  • Develop relationships. Portfolio reviews are a great way to gain new friends and business contacts.
  • Opportunities. Portfolio reviews can be a venue where you get “discovered”.
  • Step it up. Portfolio reviews are system shockers.  They reveal your greatest strengths and lowest weaknesses. They state the reality of the market for your work.

Full article HERE

All-New Discover Features – Just Launched!

Browsing creative work on Behance just got more addictive. We’re pleased to introduce our brand new “Discover” Experience! You’ll notice the new design immediately whether logged in or out of Behance, but to give you an idea of some of the advantages of the new experience, here’s what to expect:

More Prominent, Well-Organized Filters
Filter by creative field, location, school, tool used, and more. And, your filters follow you as you scroll so you’ll never forget what you’re looking at. 

Infinite Scroll
Why click “page 2″ when you can just keep scrolling to discover more creative work?

Filter projects by color
Don’t miss this brand new feature to sort by hue.

Project Lighbox View
When you come across a project you’d like to view, click it to view it in a lightbox. When you’re finished, you’ll be right back where you left off in search results. 

All-new Responsive Design
Optimized for mobile devices.

More “Work In Progress” Features
It’s now easier to upload and discover ”Work In Progress” from Behance, which helps you get even more feedback on your work, and engage with your connections.



New Feature: Filter by Color now Available

This Week’s Most Appreciated Projects

Appreciations are a way to send genuine kudos to another creative professional on Behance. This is our community’s way of curating the network, so that the best projects gain the most exposure. Here’s a look at two of the most appreciated projects on Behance this week:

When promoting your work online, it’s all about the presentation. Mexican design studio Manifiesto Futura brings this notion to light with their recent interior design project, documented with equally thoughtful photographs. See the full project here.

When Urban Daddy challenged Brooklyn-based art studio Red Paper Heart  to create an interactive experience in water, they responded with 65,000 ping pong balls, live animations, a synchronized swimming team and then some. See the full project and video documentation here.

New in Creative Jobs on Behance:

Behance JobList hosts the best opportunities in the creative job market from top companies across the globe. Here’s a roundup of fresh postings on the JobList this week. For daily updates on the latest opportunities, follow @BehanceJobs on Twitter. 

Leo Burnett offices 

Front-End Developer (Barcelona, Spain)
Trovit is an exciting European startup looking to grow their team with a talented front-end developer/designer. Perks include a game room, team events like ski trips and a competitive salary.

Painters (New Hampshire, US)
Muse Paintbar is interested in buying paintings (bonus points for nature scenes and landscapes) for their library.

Senior UX Designer (Redmond, Washington)
Microsoft is looking for a senior UX designer to help them realize their next generation of online advertising.

Digital Copywriter (Detroit, Michigan)
Ad agency Leo Burnett is seeking a Digital Copywriter to work with a well-known automotive brand. Check out their offices pictured above!

Web Designer (Montreal, Quebec)
Aldo, the popular shoe company, is looking to grow their multi-channel Montreal-based marketing team with a new web designer. Interested? You must be a lover of all things type!


This Week’s Most Appreciated Projects

Appreciations are a way to send genuine kudos to another creative professional on Behance. This is our community’s way of curating the network, so that the best projects gain the most exposure. Here’s a look at two of the most appreciated projects on Behance this week:

The Federal
, a Canadian design studio, created a line of quality kitchen knives out of wood instead of steel, giving them a whole new look and feel. See the full project here.

Brazilian Art Director Felip Luchi creates an impactful visual by transforming the technology  in many of our lives into miniature jailhouses, for a recent campaign urging people to go outside. See the full project here.