On-Site FTW!!!1!

Among IT professionals and software developers, the debate over the merits of working on site has raged since the dawn of time. The Behance team has always advocated that being on site is the best way to build up a finely tuned team. Building great products requires constant collaboration, balancing of opinions, and being able to work with the girl with the right set of skills to solve your problem.

Working face to face allows team members all those things, without the ambiguity of chat, or Skype, or email being in the way. In the event of issues, key team members can all contribute in real time to solutions, each examining the problem from their own different angle. Communication is easy; just talk.

On the lighter side, here’s a list of pure awesome that will only happen if you’re in the office every day;

- ┬áThe machine you work on is going to be infinitely better at the office; more screens, better processors, and an internet connection that isn’t Time Warner’s. At Behance, team members are given a $3,500 stipend to build the sickest rig they can think of.

- Walls that are white boards. At home, your ideas are limited to your puny notebook, or if you’re lucky enough, your minuscule whiteboard from Office Max. At the Behance office, there are entire walls that are white boards for you to map out whatever you want.

- Free snacks. Healthy snacks, not-so-healthy snacks, english muffins in the morning, an espresso machine, a drip coffee machine powered by Stumptown, plus all the White Cheddar Cheez-Its you can stuff into your mouth (my favorite).